Formula 1: Pierre Gasly says future is in Red Bull's hands after recent Sergio Perez claims

pierre gasly

AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly has said that his future for next year will be sorted in the coming weeks, following on from comments not so long ago where he said he feels as though he could match Sergio Perez's performances at Red Bull this season.

F1 is a ruthless business at times and Gasly knows that better than most, given the fact he was removed mid-season back to Toro Rosso by Red Bull to be replaced by Alex Albon in 2019.

Indeed, that could have been a real moment that saw his career downspiral at a young age but, instead, the Frenchman has rolled his sleeves up and really impressed, with Toro Rosso becoming AlphaTauri for 2020.

Last year, of course, Gasly won his first ever Grand Prix at Monza with a fine drive on what was a chaotic afternoon and, as well as that, he has been a consistent points scorer for the team, showing a real maturity behind the wheel.

That in mind, there's naturally going to be growing talk about him potentially heading back to Red Bull in the future as he remains a part of their driver programme, and over the weekend at Silverstone he offered this fresh update on his future:

“It’s very clear in my situation, I am contracted with Red Bull, I am performing very well with AlphaTauri, I am really happy with what we are doing, but obviously personally I’d like to be in a position to fight for better positions.

"My future at the moment is in Red Bull’s hands and we will see what happens for next year, I am pretty sure, in a couple of weeks.”

pierre gasly

This, of course, comes a few weeks after Gasly said that he felt he could do a similar level job now to that of Sergio Perez who, on the whole, has impressed as Max Verstappen's team-mate this season as Red Bull look to take the Constructors' crown from Mercedes:

“I think I could perform at least as well as Sergio [Perez]," he stated.

“I’m working very hard to become a complete driver and I show that on the track as well. I perform in qualifying and also for races and I think I show very good potential.

“In the past, such results were always rewarded directly with a jump to Red Bull – or at least pretty quickly.

"But will it happen? That depends on whether Red Bull wants it too. At the moment I don’t think they want it."

Evidently, Gasly still has firm eyes on a seat higher up the grid and potentially back at Red Bull but with Perez likely to stay at Red Bull for next season at least, he might not get that wish just yet...

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