Ronaldinho: Barcelona legend's genius assist for Atlético Mineiro vs Sao Paulo in 2013

  • Kobe Tong

Ronaldinho is one of the most creative footballers that the sport has ever seen.

Ronaldinho: Football's greatest entertainer

While you'd be hard-pressed to argue that the Barcelona icon deserves a place in the GOAT debate, he simply can't be matched when it comes to entertainment value.

Ronaldinho achieved what many thought was impossible in finding the Goldilocks zone between being a robotic world-class footballer and pure entertainer that never made it to the top level.

The fact that Ronaldinho was able to reach a Ballon d'Or-winning standard without compromising on his joyous brand of football is exactly what makes him such a beloved player to supporters.

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Ronaldinho's greatest moments

And on the back of his impressive display for Barcelona legends this week, we're loving the fact that some of Ronaldinho's finest moments in the beautiful game are doing the rounds again.

Besides, YouTube is nothing short of saturated when it comes to compilations and montages of Ronaldinho proving himself amongst the most inventive athletes that we've laid our eyes upon.

And it was the viral 'Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected' video that drew our attention to one of his most underrated flashes of genius that the Brazilian ever produced.

To visit said moment, we have to rewind to Ronaldinho's time with Atlético Mineiro - which was actually thoroughly underrated - and an otherwise forgettable 2-1 win over Sao Paulo in 2013.



Ronaldinho's unique assist

However, what makes the game significant all these years later is the way in which Ronaldinho turned provider for the opening goal, which compatriot Jo - yup, remember him? - tucked away.

The inspired assist came mere seconds after Ronaldinho appeared to ask legendary goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni for a sip from his water bottle as Atlético Mineiro prepared to take a throw-in.

As a result of his rehydration, Ronaldinho found himself miles behind the Sao Paulo defence, but the fact that you can't be offside from a throw-in meant that he used that to his advantage.

Some fantastic improvisation from Ronaldinho allowed him to collect the ball in a position that would usually be considered miles offside to create the goal in an instant. Check it out down below:

It had to be Ronaldinho, didn't it?

Was it a bottle trick?

Now, we'd love to sit here and pretend that Ronaldinho deliberately asked Ceni for some water in order to sneak so far 'offside' and carve out the goal but let's face it, that's probably not the case.

However, that hardly made the goal any less ingenious because Ronaldinho still had to profit from his situation that gaining possession and then ensuring that he made the opportunity pay.

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That being said, we'd be lying if we said that Ronaldinho hanging out with the goalkeeper just a few seconds before he embarrassed Ceni's team didn't make the goal look that extra bit badass...

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