Lewis Hamilton v Max Verstappen: Damon Hill labels rivalry 'very volatile landmine'

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Damon Hill has described Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen's fight for the title this season as a 'very volatile landmine,' as the two battle for supremacy.

The drivers have been going wheel-to-wheel since the very opening race in Bahrain and as we bring the first half of the campaign to an effective close this weekend at the Hungaroring, the rivalry is at the most intense it's ever been after their clash at the British Grand Prix last time out, which resulted in a retirement for the Dutch driver.

Indeed, it's going to be engrossing viewing for the second half of the campaign as the two battle for the world championship and Damon Hill has told the F1 Nation Podcast that we're set-up for a classic duel between the duo:

"The conflict between Lewis and Max has created a very volatile landmine in the sport. The rivalry we are seeing is the changing of the guard for the future of the sport.

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"Lewis is hanging on at the end of his career, whereas Max wants to go on and win world championships. Lewis definitely has the mentality of: 'I want to stay and win even more and put the record further out of reach.' But he still hasn't cracked Schumacher's total. This is what's going on in the heads of these drivers. This is the clash we see. We see a man who won't let go, who won't give up on a world title because it's the last icing on the cake. And Max is going to try and stop him."

We're finally getting a battle between these two modern greats and it's proving every bit as exciting and dramatic as we had hoped.

The Hungarian Grand Prix is up next this weekend and with Red Bull lodging a petition ahead of the weekend to try and bring further sanctions on Hamilton for the crash last time out, the drama and controversy is only set to continue.

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