Apex Legends Mobile: Images Emerge Showcasing Exclusive Caustic Skins

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is soon approaching and the Apex community is getting very excited after seeing some images of exclusive skins Caustic will be getting in the game.

Apex Legends has been so successful on PC, Xbox and Playstation ever since developers Respawn released the game in 2017. Due to this success, they are doing what many companies like to do and creating a game for mobile.

Obviously there will be some concerns that the game will struggle to be as good as the game on the console, but the beta is out in Asia and it seems to be going down rather well with the gaming community.

Hopefully there are not any huge bugs in the beta so that the full game can be released on schedule.

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Images Emerge Showing Exclusive Skins Caustic Will Be Getting In Apex Mobile

There will be a lot of similarities between Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile, but judging by this latest news, we will be getting a fair amount of exclusive content for the mobile game.

Images have been revealed on Twitter by Apex Legends News showing one of the tank Legends in the game, Caustic, with two new skins.

The account revealed that these two skins we have seen, which look amazing, will only be available in the mobile version of the game.

The two skins can be seen down below.

Despite being slow in-game, Caustic can be a great Legend to play with if used correctly.

After seeing the two new skins coming to Apex Mobile, there is no doubt that many will be wanting to play as Caustic in King’s Canyon.

Hopefully this means that other legends in the game will also be getting exclusive skins, and if they do we will reveal all right here.

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