Tokyo Olympics: Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart commentate on Dressage footage


Snoop Dogg has paired up with comedian Kevin Hart over the past week to recap some of the most notable highlights of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

A clip of the two reacting to an equestrian event has made its way around social media, leaving viewers in stitches at Snoop’s outlandish commentary style.

As the clip began to play, Snoop immediately identified the event as the equestrian, but what impressed him the most was the movement of the horse in question, he said:

“Oh, the horse crip walking, cuz. You see that? That’s gangstas - Hey!” - which was met with laughter from his presenting counterpart, Hart.


The clip went on to show the horse bouncing along the track, to which Snoop added: “This horse is off the chain, I gotta get this m**********r in a video!”

The rapper, showing his usual quirky ways, had Hart in tears of laughter as they watched the video - and the comedian even repeated Snoop’s comment in disbelief at what he’d heard.

“Horse crip walking is officially in the Olympics!”

Hart exclaimed as Snoop asked to play the clip again, and this time around Snoop threw up his hands and chimed in with a melodic “Boom, boom, boom, boom” in time with the horses “crip walking” style.

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The clip from the NBC segment has gone viral since, with fans on Twitter adamant to tune into the show after seeing the quality of the pair together.

Reporter @BritneyEurton posted: “This is the content I’m here for. Please more videos of Snoop & Kevin Hart covering dressage”


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@KyleYNFL clearly agreed, as he tweeted: “If the entire Olympics were commentated by Kevin Hart and Snoop, I wouldn’t miss a minute.”

A new career path for the rap legend? As a man of many talents, you can never rule anything out for Snoop.

He dabbled in the commentary field professionally when he commentated on the highly anticipated exhibition between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fight, which ended in a draw, as well as the bout between Jake Paul and retired UFC fighter Ben Askren.

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