Grealish, Van Dijk, Lukaku: Ranking the Premier League's most expensive signings


The new Premier League season is only a week away now with Arsenal set to face new boys Brentford next Friday night.

Preparations are at their peak as elite clubs across the country hope to have their various superstars in prime condition ahead of what promises to be a gruelling season for all.

Thankfully, this season is going to resemble something approaching normality, with capacity crowds allowed to return to cheer on their beloved sides from the stands instead of the couches.

However, while a good pre-season is paramount to an effective campaign, getting it spot on in the transfer market is just as important.

Over the years, the Premier League heavy hitter have thrown cash at the European, and local markets in a bid to add that final piece to the puzzle in a bid to conquer domestic shores.

Manchester City, who are no strangers to splashing a spot of cash every now and then, have gone and done it again this week, smashing the Premier League transfer record to acquire the services of Jack Grealish.

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The England star has been one of the hottest properties in the land for a few years now but, after his performances for Aston Villa last season and for England at the Euro's, his price tag sky-rocketed.

In the end, it took no less than £100 million to prize him away from the famous Birmingham-based club.

Which ever way you look at it, that is an almighty amount of money and jack will either shrug it off and thrive, or crumble under the pressure it brings.


So, with that in mind, we thought we would rank the ten most expensive Premier League signings of all time into a handy little Tiermaker to compare how they have dealt with their massive price tags.

Worth every penny

There could only be one star in this category in truth. Virgil van Dijk transformed Liverpool's defence after his arrival.

With  six months they were in a champions League final, within 18 they were winning it. No player has had as big an influence on his side as Van Dijk.


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Not bad at all

Harry Maguire could launch himself into the top tier this season if he replicates his England form but for now, we'll stick him in here.

Paul Pogba has shown flashes of his brilliance but has never quite embedded himself into the hearts of his fans while Romelu Lukaku simply didn't get the respect he deserved.


However, he might do should his proposed transfer to Chelsea go through in the next few days.

Kai Havertz was beginning to look incredibly dangerous at the end of last season as well. 

Massive potential

We'll whack Grealish in here alongside Manchester United signing Jadon Sancho simply because, while they promise to be sublime signings, we have to wait and see how they adapt to their new surroundings.


Plenty to prove

Nicholas Pepe has been a bit of an enigma at Arsenal. Moments of brilliance have been chased up by periods of thoroughly anonymous and underwhelming performances.

Absolute flop

Chelsea fans look away now. Sadly, this was the only place we could lump Kepa Arizabalaga and Alvaro Morata.

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