Lionel Messi: Thierry Henry says he is not the answer to PSG's problems


It's not something anyone can win, but if it was, PSG would have absolutely coasted this transfer window.

The Parisian giants went on a  free transfer rampage, bringing in Georginio Wijnaldum from Liverpool and Sergio Ramos.

They then went and paid for the services of Achraf Hakimi and Gianluigi Donnarumma before they pulled off the greatest madness of them all.

After Lionel Messi's boyhood romance with Barcelona came crumbling down at his feet, PSG swooped in to offer one of the greatest players of all time a place to rest his head.

What it means is that, on paper, PSG now boast one of the greatest squads ever assembled as they desperately search for a way to finally end their Champions League hoodoo.

However, among the monstrous fan fair over the arrival of Messi, there are some in the football fraternity who have their doubts.

In fact, French legend Thierry Henry has admitted that he is concerned that the balance at the club will be all out of whack following the arrival of so many big name stars - Messi in particular.

"Balance is the most important. At one point, we always talk about great players, attacking, going forward, but we need a balance," he said, per a report in the Daily Mail.

"We are talking about the team in which I played at Barca, but people forget to point out that we weren't conceding a lot of goals.


"In general, teams that don't concede a lot of goals are not far from the title, or even from the Champions League.

"When you have superhuman players, it gets a little easier but when I see how Paris is evolving at the moment, they concede too many goals for my taste to be able to go a little further.

"It is true that there was a lack of players but the balance is the most important."


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Henry makes a very good point.

While he is almost certainly referring to the on-field balance, you also have to worry that a dressing room crammed full of some of the biggest ego's in the game is nothing more than ticking time bomb.

It is going to take some serious man-management to keep everyone happy and, should things not quite go according to plan on the field, it could prove to be a rather sticky wicket. 

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