Ranking Every Far Cry Game According To Their Metacritic Score

Far Cry

The gaming community is getting excited as we get closer to the release of Far Cry 6 and we have ranked every game in the franchise so far.

The franchise is one of the most successful out there and players will be delighted to hear that Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7th 2021.

The first-person shooters developed by Crytek have had great stories for gamers to play and there is no doubt that many will be buying Far Cry 6 as soon as possible.

Metacritic have given a rating up to 100 for each game, and some may be surprised at what ranks first in the franchise.

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Here is every Far Cry game ranked from worst to best according to their Metacritic score:

9: Far Cry: Vengeance: Metacritic Score 38

Far Cry tried to make a game specifically for Wii consoles back in 2006; however, it is safe to say that Far Cry: Vengeance was an absolute failure and it was clever of them to not try this again.

8: Far Cry New Dawn: Metacritic Score 71

The most recent release in the franchise saw gamers play 17 years after a nuclear doomsday. You see the world after a nuclear winter.

The story isn’t as good as other Far Cry games, and this makes it understandable to see it low down the list.

7: Far Cry Primal: Metacritic Score 74

This game released back in 2016 saw players head all the way back to the Stone Age. This is a very different era for gamers to play in. The fact it didn’t feature high up this list shows that it didn’t make a good impression.

6: Far Cry 5: Metacritic Score 78

Far Cry 5 was released back in 2018 and saw gamers head to Montana, which is a fictional state in the United States of America.

Far Cry 5

5: Far Cry 4: Metacritic Score 80

First-person shooter Far Cry 4 was released back in 2014. It is the direct successor to Far Cry 3 and your character goes on an epic adventure back to their homeland.

4: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: Metacritic Score 81

This game released back in 2013 was a bit different to the others as it is a spin-off with eight hours of original content.

3: Far Cry 2: Metacritic Score 85

It is easy to understand why this game is so high up the list as it was such a unique storyline. Released all the way back in 2008, Far Cry 2 saw players split between two rival factions in war-torn Africa.

2: Far Cry 3: Metacritic Score 88

The third in the franchise was released back in 2012 and saw gamers play as Jason Brody on a tropical island. Clearly an island story was something that the Far Cry community loved about the games.

Far Cry 3

1: Far Cry: Metacritic Score 89

The fact that the first ever game is number one emphasises how much of an eye-opener Far Cry was in the gaming world. Released all the way back in 2004, the game saw players in a tropical paradise full of evil.

This list might tempt you to play the franchise again and it is definitely worth going all the way back to the start and enjoying the classic Far Cry.

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