Pokemon Legends Arceus: Latest News, Release Date. Trailer, Pre-Order, Starters And Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Legends Arceus is scheduled for release on 28th January 2022.

The developers of Pokemon gaming are bringing us another new title to the series - Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Game Freak are the geniuses behind the iconic franchise that has grown into a seismic brand over the past 24 years, as players explore the wider worlds of Kanto, Johto and beyond to catch em' all.

It has never been a straightforward task to do so, with 898 different species and forms of evolution across the entire franchise - including 59 Legendaries. 

That being said, Legends Arceus will provide a new challenge entirely that takes players to a region called Hisui. Game Freak themselves described the fictional location as "a land from an age long ago that will one day become known as the Sinnoh region."

The historic element of it reminds us of The Legend of Zelda in a way, emphasising the adventure factor which Pokemon has always carried at the forefront.

So, get your PokeBalls ready! Here is everything that you need to know regarding Pokemon Legends Arceus:

Latest News

News regarding Pokemon Legends Arceus will appear here as it breaks.

Release Date


Pokemon Legends Arceus is currently scheduled for release on 28th January 2022, if there are no developmental hitches during that time.

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Shared by IGN, here is the most recent trailer that Game Freak have dropped ahead of its 2022 launch date.

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Pre-orders can be placed from Nintendo's official website at £49.99 ahead of Pokemon Legends Arceus' release. There is just one version of the game that players can get their hands on at this time.

That being said, if this changes at any point from now until launch, we will update this section so you don't miss a thing!


There are three starters that players can choose:

  • Rowlet (Alola Region)
  • Cyndaquil (Johto Region)
  • Oshawott (Unova Region)

Click the link below if you want to know what we think will be the best starter for you to choose from out of the three aforementioned species.

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As mentioned above, all of the latest updates regarding Pokemon Legends: Arceus as they become public knowledge - so stick with us!

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