Formula 1: Timo Glock sends Red Bull warning over potential 2022 disadvantage

red bull

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock has warned Red Bull that they run the risk of hampering their 2022 car if they get too involved in trying to win this year's championship ahead of Mercedes.

The title fight this year is proving particularly engrossing and is the best we have had for several campaigns, with Red Bull and Max Verstappen really taking the fight to the Mercs and Lewis Hamilton in particular.

It's great to see, but Glock has warned the men from Milton Keynes that they risk falling behind in terms of their 2022 car if they do not get the balance right between going for this year's title and planning for a swathe of new technical regulations coming for next season.

Speaking to Speedweek, Glock expanded on his thoughts:

"I hope Red Bull Racing can hit back, because right now it feels like the advantage is slowly moving towards Mercedes the past few races.

"The second half of the season is going to be very exciting. Two teams and two top drivers who are on equal footing. The question now is who will invest more in the current car and who will invest more in next year's car.

"My feeling says that Red Bull knows that this is a very big opportunity this year. As a result, they will spend more for success this year, which in turn could start to be a disadvantage for 2022."

red bull

It's a fair point that Glock makes and there is obviously a balance that needs to be struck, with 2022 so important to get right as it will likely have a knock-on effect on the seasons to follow.

Red Bull can win the title this season, though, and it would make perfect sense to put as much resource as they can in their challenge, to break the Mercedes stranglehold of the last half decade or so.

It's a challenge for sure, but certainly one Red Bull will feel that they can meet head on.

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