Conor McGregor aims dig at Floyd Mayweather, ends up getting trolled


Conor McGregor is not one to back away when it comes to seizing the opportunity to aim a scathing dig at his rivals.

We have seen plenty of that over the years on his eventful Twitter account, which is decorated with some of the most beautiful tweets you will ever see.

Sunday was no different. As usual, McGregor was on a tweeting spree, showing off his yacht this time, and as usual, a user sensed a chance to rattle him.

He wrote: “Floyd Mayweather has triple the money you'll ever have pal.”

That was obviously going to hurt because, well, Mayweather ended McGregor’s boxing career before it even fully began with a masterclass. Anyway, McGregor, charged as ever to respond, wrote:

“Lol no he doesn’t you silly fool. He doesn’t make a dime outside of the ring.”


As it turned out, the “silly fool” wasn’t exactly wrong. Someone actually looked it up and dropped some raw and hard facts. He wrote:

“According to Forbes, Floyd has 450million and Conor has 200 Million.So actually Floyd doesn’t have triple what Conor does but it’s damn near triple.”

A Conor fan also threw shades at Mayweather’s extravagant spending.

“I think it won’t be long before Conor is the one with more money,” he replied.


As we said, “beautiful”.

Conor, in an attempt to come up with the perfect rejoinder, accidentally ended up confirming a Twitter troll’s surmise and now everyone knows that he does indeed have a third of what Mayweather does despite the fact that “he doesn’t make a dime outside of the ring.”

But it’s also true that at some stage, The Notorious may indeed take over Mayweather, given his entrepreneurial endeavours, where he has invested heavily and wisely.

For now, however, there is only one winner and that is Money Mayweather.

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