Conor McGregor & Jose Aldo press conference 'turned MMA into more than just a sport'


Where there is Conor McGregor, there is drama.

The MMA superstar, since his UFC debut, has completely revolutionised the sport in more ways than one can think of.

He has brought an unprecedented charm, a different brand of flair and overall, he has changed the game like no one else ever has.

And if you ask some people, he's changed the game like no one else ever will as well.

You look back at the moments that made him, and it is hard to overlook “that” press conference ahead of his fight against Jose Aldo and the encounter itself back in 2015, which a Twitter user recently reminded us all of.

MMA Gone Wild, the name of said Twitter account, even went one further by claiming it was the exact moment MMA became more than just a sport.

Take a look below and remind yourself of the iconic moment.

Aldo had been on a mad 18-fight unbeaten streak, but then came McGregor.

All primped and preened, the next thing you know, the Irishman has plonked his legs on the table, hurled all sorts of remarks at the Brazilian and snatched his belt away.

All this in the space of a berserk few seconds.

Of course, he didn’t have to snaffle the belt eventually, having phenomenally beaten perhaps the greatest featherweight of all time in almost the blink of an eye.



Not a lot has gone well for McGregor since, however, by his own remarkably high standards that is.

He has three wins and four defeats, including two to Dustin Poirier this year, but it is moments like the one he had against Aldo that have really set him apart from everyone else.

You can hate him, you can absolutely loathe the sight of him, but what you cannot do is ignore him. Let us say, he is one of those who live rent free in rival fans’ heads.

Even as he recovers from the injury sustained in the thrashing to Poirier, somehow, he is still in the headlines.

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