Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder 3: Bronze Bomber's latest recovery technique is very strange


No training is too much training for Deontay Wilder - or at least that is how it seems from the recent footage that has been doing the rounds on Twitter.

As he prepares for his much-awaited trilogy bout with Tyson Fury, he is trying every trick in the book he can to avoid another pounding at the hands of the British boxer.

Wilder’s been resorting to “twelve rounds of hell” training, which, as you would expect from the name is quite wild in all its entirety but even wilder is Wilder’s recovery method.

As you can see from the video below, that is quite the way of stretching. A man each on the extreme ends, one pulling your legs (quite literally) and the other stretching your arms.

For a normal person, that would be a disaster waiting to happen but, then again, Wilder is not normal - and neither is anything about this fight that is happening at the expense of Fury’s bout against Anthony Joshua.

Wilder and Fury were first set to take each other on on July 24; however, after Fury tested positive for Coronavirus, it was rescheduled for October 9.


As the two continue to train for the clash, there has been no shortage of words exchanged either.

“I’m ready. I hope they are ready. I hope they have their priorities in line. Their game-plan, how they are going to approach the fight,” said Wilder.

“I know he wasn’t doing well in camp. The young guys were piecing him up. I had a young guy from my camp who was piecing him up.

“[My] sparring has been amazing. I can’t say names but just know there have been a lot of people on the canvas. Hopefully Fury is confident to go through [with the fight] and not have anything go wrong.

“[He can expect] a reinvented Deontay Wilder. Something you’ve never seen before. In the time off we have done nothing but work, work, work. Even when my body rested, my mind was still at it.”

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Fury hasn’t necessarily held back either.

“This man is a real piece of work. A real bully excuse maker. Not a warrior or a man at all. Beat the mug two times. I’ve battered him and his trainer. But still talking s***. Real p***ies.”

Not enough popcorn in the world.

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