Messi or Ronaldo? Gary Neville's comments after 2011 Champions League final re-emerge

Gary Neville on Ronaldo vs Messi

The Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo debate is nothing new.

In fact, after about a decade of football fans arguing over which one is better, it’s become a bit tiresome.

However, when Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville speak, we listen.



And on Monday Night Football, they tipped their toe in the Messi vs Ronaldo debate.

Neville fought the corner of his former teammate, claiming he’s capable of scoring all kinds of goals.

Meanwhile, Carragher claimed that Messi is the greatest to have played the game for doing things that no other footballer can do.

Fans believe that Carragher won the debate with fans accusing Neville of being biased by favouring his former teammate.

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To be fair to Neville, he hasn’t always been Team Ronaldo.

In fact, after he had just watched Messi dismantle his former side in the 2011 Champions League final, Neville was putting all of his eggs in the Argentine’s basket.

After the match, Neville was asked about the idea of Messi, who scored once and earned Man of the Match in the final, being the greatest player ever.

Despite only being 23 at the time, Neville didn’t hold back on his praise.

Video: Gary Neville says Messi is the greatest ever in 2011

“I don't necessarily think you need to win a World Cup to be the greatest player ever. It’s down to the time and the team that you play for,” Neville said.

“I mean, I’ve obviously seen Ronaldo at United two or three years ago but you see Messi now. This guy is the best player in the world at the moment, there’s no doubt about that.

And I think we’re always nervous about calling people who we’re currently watching, who are young at 23 to say he’s the best player ever but we shouldn’t be. We should admit what we’re seeing in front of our eyes because he’s a special talent who maybe is the best player who’s ever been seen.

Lionel Messi for Barcelona vs Man Utd in the 2011 Champions League final

Of course, people are more than entitled to change their opinion over the course of 10 years and Neville has certainly done that.

But he can’t deny that he once thought Messi was the greatest player of all time.

He can’t say that with Ronaldo back at United though, can he?

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