Anthony Joshua & Tyson Fury sparring: What really happened in 2010 session?


Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are on a collision course to fight for the undisputed heavyweight championship in 2022, that's if they can both get past their upcoming fights, of course.

The British rivals were set on a bout this summer, but after Deontay Wilder’s appeal for a third fight was accepted in July, plans were put to a halt, much to the frustration of fight fans across the world.

It would not be the first time the pair have faced each other in the ring, though, with the two having come face-to-face in a much-discussed sparring session over a decade ago, when Joshua was still two years away from Olympic glory.

Fury, then a 10-0 prospect, travelled down south to Finchley ABC for what was expected to be a light sparring session.

It was anything but a light sparring session for Fury, however, according to Joshua’s amateur coach Sean Murphy, who states that Fury was rocked early on in the three-round session.

Murphy recalled in an interview on 5 Live’s boxing podcast, as per Metro: "I think he [Fury] was expecting, because he knew Josh was 18 and ain’t been boxing long, an easy few rounds, but they’ve come out and Josh has thrown a jab, right uppercut, left hook and he’s on wobbly legs!

"He’s grabbed hold of the ropes and I’ve said to him ‘no you can’t do that you that!’ He’s let go but Josh really got the better of him in the first round."


The first round was just the start of things to come, however, as Murphy continued to detail just how serious both fighters took the session.

"So anyway, they’ve come out for the second round and I’ve said to Josh go and do what you’ve done, relax, straight punching. So they’ve come out and Tyson starts mouthing off to Josh, getting in his ear talking to him.

Josh is getting a little bit wild, trying to knock him out, and I had to tell him to stick to his boxing and do what I told you. So he’s gone out the next round, ignored the talking and just boxed his head off.

"Then I’ve said ‘come on jump out’.

"Tyson Fury’s gone ‘no, no, no,’ and he’s begging for one more round.



"I went ‘no, get out Josh, you’ve done three rounds’, because I knew what the craic was, he was going to try and put it on him.

"Josh probably could have handled but I wasn’t going to have it because I’m not sending an amateur in with a professional and get nothing for it."

So there you have it, a detailed account from an inside source. Now we finally know what happened when Fury and Joshua shared a ring together.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to see them do so again, but this time around, in a proper fight rather than a sparring session.

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