FIFA 22: Kyle Walker reacted badly to Man City players' prank about his rating

Kyle Walker was not impressed when Man City players pranked him about his FIFA 22 card

Manchester City posted a video earlier this week of Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne reacting to their teammates' FIFA 22 player ratings.

City decided to have a bit of fun when it came to Kyle Walker's rating.

Walker is one of the quickest players in the world but they thought it would be funny by presenting them with a fake card for Walker.

The card they were given had a pace rating of 78. While that's still pretty quick, it's no where near among the fastest players in the game.

Foden and De Bruyne couldn't believe it. They were relieved when they were told the card was fake and his pace rating was actually 92.



But they thought they'd have a little bit of fun and show Walker his fake card.

They were hoping that Walker would react badly to seeing his fake ratings and he did not disappoint.

"What's up Walks?" Foden says after Walker comes into the room and sees his rating.

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"It's muggy that, 78 pace?!" Jack Grealish says, stirring the pot.

"I'm faster than you Walks!" Foden says with a beaming smile on his face.

Walker is fuming at this point. He picks up his card and throws it straight in the bin.

"Who has put that on my pace?!" he exclaims to the rest of the room.

The Englishman then picks the card out of the bin, checking whether what he had seen was real.

"You not happy with it?" Foden says to Walker.

Walker replies: "No, definitely not. It's banter. Someone is bantering. How are you a 91 as well, Kevin [De Bruyne]?"

He then clocks the camera that is filming the whole thing.

"Oh that's it!" He said, clocking that the whole thing was a prank. Walker then sarcastically laughs at the prank before walking out of the room.

The morale of the story is this: Never joke about Walker's pace.

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