Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Serena: The richest tennis players as Emma Raducanu eyes £100m


Emma Raducanu is looking set to join the ranks of tennis' leading stars by the end of her career after her recent US Open success.

Raducanu, 18, collected a cheque worth £1.8million after her victory in New York, with that set to be the start of her path to becoming one of the richest tennis players ever, especially in the women's game.

Her agent Jonathan Shalit, chairman of InterTalent, has already predicted big things for the Brit and already put BIG numbers on her head in terms of potential incomings.

He said, as per The Sun: "Emma is a phenomenon. She will be the highest-earning female UK sports star ever.

"If the trajectory Emma is on continues, she will earn well over £100million.

"Leisurewear, sports, health, fitness and lifestyle brands will be knocking down her door. For brands, she is unique. There is no one like her."

The list of people in front of the Brit in tennis’ rich list is star-studded, and it will not be an easy task for her to become one of the richest tennis players of all time.


In the same report by The Sun, they took a closer look at the 10 richest tennis players as of today, and it's stacked with huge and legendary names.

Standing in Raducanu's way is: 10) John McEnroe (£72 million), 9) Andy Murray (£72 million), 8) Maria Sharapova (£97 million), 7) Pete Sampras (£108 million), 6) Andre Agassi (£126 million), 5) Serena Williams (£129 million), 4) Rafael Nadal (£129 million), 3) Novak Djokovic (£144 million), 2) Roger Federer (£324 million) and Ion Tiriac, who has accumulated a fortune of 1.4 billion through founding Banca Tiriac in his native Romania.

We know what you are probably thinking right now, who on earth is Tiriac?!



Well his best achievement in the sport, in terms of singles tournaments, was reaching the quarter-final of the 1968 French Open. In terms of doubles, he ranked as high as 19th, but was still never deemed one of the world's elites.

Because of Banca Tiriac, he became Romania's first billionaire.

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