Battlefield Mobile: Screenshots Reveal Weapons and Scopes in Game

Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is on its way and screenshots have surfaced on Twitter revealing a weapon that will be in the game, as well as some scopes.

The upcoming game is exciting a lot of players and with this and Battlefield 2042 also coming out, the excitement around the franchise is successful.

It is definitely a big few months for the franchise and the developers will be hoping they meet the expectations of the fan base.

There has already been some images surfacing showing some of the maps that players will be fighting in, and seeing our first glimpse of a weapon is huge news.

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Screenshots reveal weapons and scopes in Battlefield Mobile

Players are wanting to find out more and more about Battlefield Mobile ahead of its release and such reveals like images of the game are a great way to keep them excited and engaged.

These latest images we have of the game show five weapons, as well as some scopes that are in the game.

The five weapons revealed to be in the game are:

  • PP-2000
  • LSAT
  • 338 - Recon
  • F2000

The three scopes revealed to be in the game are:

  • Prisma
  • Hold
  • Acog

The picture showed a lot as it also showed the weapon classes in the game and they are:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Carbine
  • SMG
  • LMG
  • DMR
  • Sniper Rifle

This is very exciting news and the Battlefield franchise will know these weapons well as we have seen them in past games. Hopefully this also means that we will see some more weapons revealed over the next few weeks.

The only disappointing thing about Battlefield Mobile is that it doesn’t currently have an official release date. For the time being, we know that it will be released in early 2022.

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It looks like the game is quite far into development, so the gaming community will be hoping that this date will not change but they will be worried due to the fact that Battlefield 2042 did get postponed and will now not be coming out until Friday 19th November 2021.

If more weapons are revealed, keep an eye on this page as we will be providing all the updates as soon as possible.

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