Valtteri Bottas: Daniel Ricciardo says Finn is 'saying all the right things' ahead of Mercedes exit


Daniel Ricciardo has offered his thoughts on Valtteri Bottas' impending switch from Mercedes to Alfa Romeo with the Aussie expecting that the Finn will be 'alright' when making the move.

One of Formula 1's more enduring off-track sagas came to a conclusion earlier this month when it was confirmed that Bottas would be heading to Alfa, with George Russell taking his place at Mercedes.

Indeed, it's going to be fascinating watching the Finn looking to lead the Alfa team up the grid as the new rules come in from 2022, and Ricciardo has offered his thoughts on the switch.

The Aussie reckons that it is a project that will require time to get the most out of - something Bottas has been given in the shape of a multi-year contract, and he also thinks that the Finn is conducting himself in the right manner ahead of the move.

"He's said all the right things," said Ricciardo.

"We've been in the sport a similar time now, he has a lot of experience, he understands what's involved in this sport.

"Making the switch now to Alfa, as he said, it's another project and it's probably going to take time.

"He's saying the right things, he gets it, for sure, and he knows.


"Keep saying what you're saying because you're on the right track," added Ricciardo.

"The expectation is a big one. Of course, you want to believe it's going to be amazing from day one.

"But have a little bit of reservation and with that comes steady growth and some realism behind a new adventure.

"If it was easy everyone would do it. Valtteri's pretty modest anyway so I think he's alright."


It'll certainly be a challenge for Valtteri as he swaps a front-running car for one nearer the back of the field but 2022 offers the chance for teams to shake up the running order and, if Bottas can help spearhead an Alfa rise up the grid, many will certainly take note - good luck to him.

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