UFC 266: Israel Adesanya says Alexander Volkanovski deserves more respect from UFC fans

Israel Adesanya believes Alexander Volkanovski is a better UFC fighter than Brian Ortega and does not get the credit he deserves.

Israel Adesanya believes Alexander Volkanovski does not get the respect he deserves. 

Volkanovski, 32, will defend his UFC featherweight title against Brian Ortega at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on September 25.

The 32-year-old has lost just once in 23 bouts and will start as a -155 betting favourite against 'T-City' Ortega. 

Volkanovski (22-1) retained his world title with a contentious victory over former champion Max Holloway in July last year.  

But The Last Stylebender believes the Australian deserves 'some respect' because his body of work speaks for itself. 

"So my boy Alex, now please, we need to put some respect on my man's name," Adesanya said of his close friend and teammate via his YouTube channel FREESTYLEBENDER. 

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"Alex Volkanovski, we need to put some respect on his name because, let's see, you know, the damage, yep.

"I was there actually, I was there - I can't remember what city - but I was there for that fight. 

"Chad Mendes, a beast, he took him out, he was probably the underdog in that fight, I can't remember.

"Jose Aldo, he was probably the underdog in that fight, took him out.

"Max Holloway, he was definitely the underdog in that fight, took him out.

"Second time, I can't remember, but he took him out. 

"We need to put his name up there with the featherweights."

Alexander Volkanovski def. Max Holloway by unanimous decision

Adesanya also spoke about what it's like training with Volkanovski at City Kickboxing in Auckland. 

"Alex likes to say he's the good guy but Volkanovski is actually just a good guy like he is the man," he revealed.

When you hang out with him, I've never seen him angry at anyone, I've never seen him talk s--- about anyone in a way where it's like they don't deserve it. 

"That's why I guess he's not as big because conflict and controversy sells but you all need to start putting him in the f------ record books because this goes deep.

He added: "I have ultimate faith in him, you know why? Because of his team, that's why, because I know what we work on.

"I didn't even f------ break this s--- down, it's me just f------ ranting.

"But you're not going to beat Alex, not on this watch, you're not going to beat him because he has a powerful team behind him.

"Also I know who he is, he doesn't get tired, he will put a pace on you that you can't deal with."

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"I feel like Ortega might be brave enough to take that kind of pace and take that kind of beating," he predicted.

"Call me biased, don't care, all I know is you don't know because you ain't part of the squad." 

Adesanya admits Ortega has made some improvements in terms of his striking, but doesn't feel like that will be enough to get his hand raised on the night.

"I'd say he's evolved, I'll say that, he's evolved," he acknowledged.

"His striking has evolved from what I saw with the Chan Sung Jung fight.

"The thing that was memorable was that spinning elbow when I saw it and when I saw it in slow-mo again, I've seen it on highlights, what I liked was he looked at where he was aiming and then he fired.

"He's also just a slick grappler, that's one thing I'll say, he's a slick grappler."

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