Premier League quiz: Who is the highest-paid player at all 20 clubs?

  • Kobe Tong

The Premier League is one of the most lucrative landscapes in all of sport.

Whether it's through blockbuster television deals or extravagant transfer business, you can feel pretty safe that England's top-flight isn't lacking when it comes to the financial department.

As such, it means that many of the Premier League's top-performing players get the opportunity to earn some serious cash for their hard work and sporting talent.

Big bucks of the Premier League

However, as we all know, football isn't such a straightforward environment that the best-paid players at certain clubs are automatically the top-performing athletes in tandem.

Just as there are players in glorious form that don't seem to earn the bucks that their performances deserve, there are also footballers who appear to pocket an amount incongruous with their output.



Now, we're not here to pass judgement on whatever that status quo might be, but it did make us realise how fascinating it would be to test your knowledge on the Premier League's top earners.

As such, we've devised a quiz on the highest-paid player at all 20 Premier League clubs and you've got to see whether you can pick out the top earner from the four options available.

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Quiz: Premier League's highest-paid players

Obviously, there are conflicting reports on the minutiae of Premier League wages, so in the interest of consistency we're sticking with the data over at spotrac at the time of writing.

Got it? Right then, well, we won't keep you any longer because no doubt you're ready to test your sense of Premier League wages and you can do exactly that through our quiz down below:

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Who is Arsenal's top earner on £250,000-a-week?

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