Jon Jones arrest: Disturbing updates emerge from UFC star's recent scandal


A police report has shown some very disturbing details about Jon Jones' recent domestic violence case.

The UFC great was detained in Las Vegas after cops were called to investigate an incident between him and his fiancee Jessie Moses.

MMA Fighting received the copy of a police report regarding the matter. According to it, the cops responded to a domestic disturbance at Caesars Palace after a call claiming that a white, female adult, who was later identified as Moses, was bleeding from her mouth.

When the police arrived, Jones had fled the scene but was caught by another unit outside the hotel.

The report claims: "As Jones was being detained, he became irate and smashed his head into the front hood of the [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department] patrol vehicle leaving a medium size dent as well as chipping of some of the paint on the vehicle."

When the police contacted Moses, she said that at 11:30pm, Jones went out with his friends and she was sleeping when he returned. The 34-year-old was not very happy after returning and got a bit physical with her.

Moses said that while Jones did not hit her, he did grab her by the hair because she was trying to leave the room. The police also saw blood around her lips, chin and all over her sweatshirt along with a swollen lower lip.


It was one of Jones' children who asked the guard to call the cops while their mother was looking for another room.

Moses was very scared to talk about Jones and also at the mere thought of him being released from jail. She said: “How long do I have until he is out?”

Jones, who was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame a few hours before the incident occurred, broke down in tears and said that he and his fiancee were having a lot of personal issues, and were arguing regarding the tension between them.

He denied to have pulled Moses' hair or seeing that she had a bloody nose or lip.



Bones was told that he'd be taken into custody for domestic violence and damaging the police vehicle. He was then transported to a local holding facility where he was charged with misdemeanour battery domestic as well as a felony charge for the damage done to the police car.

He was released on bond but is due to appear in court on October 26.

While Jones hasn't given any public statement regarding the incident, he did write on Instagram that he would give up alcohol.

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