Jorge Masvidal calls Leon Edwards a 'coward' for turning down fight 'two or three times already'

Jorge Masvidal calls Leon Edwards a 'coward' for turning down fight 'two or three times already'

Jorge Masvidal has labelled Leon Edwards 'a coward' as he claimed the British UFC star does not want to fight him anytime soon because 'he's said no like two or three times already'.  

The American is coming off a devastating knockout loss to Kamaru Usman (the UFC welterweight champion), but that hasn't stopped him from trying to pick a fight with Edwards. 

Masvidal famously reacted angrily when Edwards called him a p---- and security was forced to intervene after a backstage brawl broke out two years ago.

But Edwards has said that he is fed up with waiting for Masvidal to sign his contract and is instead targeting the winner of Usman's fight with Colby Covington

Masvidal told MMA Uncensored: “That guy is such a talking f------ machine.

“'Cause [sic] the contract’s in front of his face, he’s said no like two or three times already.

"We’re already moving on. We’re not gonna saying names or nothing. I do a lot of this when it comes to contracts.

"It’s either yes or no when a contract gets put in front of me.

“Who is the highest ranked guy with the most money I can make, that’s who I’m going with.

"Leon was talking about I turned down the fight.

"No, you f------ moron of a person. I fought for the belt twice. Why would I fight you?

"Who the f--- are you again? Now I got some spare time, I’ll beat this guy’s f------ teeth in but he’s nowhere to be found.

"So we might have to move on 'cause [sic] he’s a coward.”

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Masvidal also indirectly told Edwards he's not interested in facing him next because he isn't a big enough pay-per-view draw. 

He has not fought for several months now - but claims it's not his fault. 

Masvidal continued: “I’ve been freaking going in and out of Hunter [Campbell’s] office and calling him and they still haven’t given me a date or opponent.

“I wanted to fight this year. I don’t know what the f--- is going to happen.

“I already told them give me a f------ deadline before I go full blast takeover like like one of those bad governments when they get flipped and stuff. I need a fight, Hunter!

“Make sure the clickbaiters put ‘Masvidal demands fight soon’ and then under put Hunter [Campbell]. They’ll know what I mean.”

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