Valorant Patch 3.08: Omen Buff Leaks

Omen buffs have been leaked for Valorant Patch 3.08

Valorant Patch 3.08 is expected to be released on Monday 18th October, but a new buff for Omen appears to have been leaked.

There have been several controversial nerfs and buffs of Agents over the past couple of updates, but now there appears to be some buffs to Omen that will be making a major change to the meta.

Here’s everything we know about the Omen buffs coming as part of Valorant Patch 3.08.

The news on Omen’s new buffs were seemingly leaked during the Skyesports Championship 3.0 stream.

The rumoured changes coming as part of Patch 3.08 for Omen will likely make a huge difference for the pick rate of the controller.

During the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 3 Masters Berlin, Omen was the least picked controller, with a pick rate of 8% (per

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Omen buffs have been leaked for Valorant Patch 3.08

How Is Omen Getting Buffed in Valorant 3.08?

Omen is known for his abilities, namely Shrouded Step (C), Paranoia (Q), Dark Cover (E) and From the Shadows (X).

The new buff that is being rumoured for 3.08 will mean that Paranoia will no longer blind your own team and if Omen commits his Ultimate, he blinds enemies in a radius.

These rumoured changes are already making major waves across the Valorant player base, with some suggesting that the Agent will be ‘broken’ and suddenly shoot to the top of the pick rate for tournaments and pro players going forward.

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Please note that these changes have not been officially published by Riot, nor have they been published in the patch notes over on r/ValorantPBE, which is where upcoming changes in patches are usually leaked ahead of time.

These adjustments to Omen are subject to change since they have not been made official, so please take them with a grain of salt at this point until the official Patch Notes are released by Riot.

The Patch Notes are expected to be released in the next week ahead of the release of 3.08, where Riot will hopefully confirm if the Omen buff rumours are true.

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