Conor McGregor net worth: UFC star brags about being richer than entire roster


Conor McGregor, number nine in the UFC lightweight rankings, one of the most recognisable names in the MMA and one of the most recognisable characters in the sporting scene.

It’s no surprise his bold confidence and showman like characteristics rack up high interest on each of his bouts. His name, in most occasions, carries a high price tag.

No matter what he enters, he makes a show out of everything he steps into.

McGregor isn’t just only known for his mixed martial arts, he’s made a profitable step into boxing and in his own Irish whiskey ‘Proper Twelve.’

On top of these, are you aware of his media home Mac Life and his partnership with David Heil, where he has a lifestyle brand and the majority of suits he wears come from David Heil designs?

McGregor makes his wealth obvious to the public eye; at press conferences, in the media and on his social media accounts. He’s recently made bold the rather bold statement that he is wealthier than those that compete with him, combined all together.


But these statements have been backed up with receipts and reasoning.

He has publicised his pay-per-view numbers to just present the sheer amount of monetary interest his name carries. For example, the fight he had with Floyd Mayweather, he was always going to be earning $30 million from it, before anything occurred in the ring. Even with his loss, he left with a staggering $85 million; although when you compare it to the three times amount Mayweather took, it amazingly doesn’t sound as impressive.

His record in UFC sits at 22-6-0. The average fighter makes either $10,000-30,000 in the lowest tier, and those with fight experience formulating a name get between $80,000-250,000.

But McGregor is far from the average fighter, he (by Forbes) is the world's highest-paid athlete in this current year with a supposed net worth of $180 million. This comes with no surprise due to him having eight external sponsors, with EA and Beats by Dre being two of them.



Through the money of which he incurs, it’s enabled him to own several mansions, with him residing in Las Vegas, Marbella and Dublin, plus he has also paid the mortgage for his family home.

But it doesn’t stop there for his family, he’s been known to spoil them more than the average person could by purchasing them and himself luxury cars, similarly to how many would take people out for dinner for occasions.

Ultimately, you just need to hear his name to associate wealth with Conor, but when you delve into his personal character and understand him, you can begin to understand his statements regarding his extremely deep pockets being deeper than all of those combined.

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I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but I’d sure be amazed if there was anyone else in his sector which would and/or could come out and match him.

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