Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov: Notorious' latest deleted tweet crosses the line


Conor McGregor loves to have a go at Khabib Nurmagomedov... so much that it has become a hobby for him these days.

The Irishman never thinks twice before making attempts to mock him or troll him on social media and has often attacked him personally.

On Wednesday, McGregor once again decided to take a dig at his former rival and had a heated exchange of words with his manager Ali Abdelaziz.

It all started when Notorious tweeted a picture of Khabib's face from the infamous bus incident during the promotional event for UFC 223.

If you somehow don't know about the bus incident, it was when McGregor attacked a bus which had Khabib and his team on. Wielding weapons and having a crazed look in his eyes, it really was a mad moment in the life of Notorious.

The caption for McGregor's latest post read: “Bastrykin! Where is Khabib’s ‘s** in his pants medal’? He need this for s*** his pants 10 rows back.”


Abdelaziz responded by saying: "You're drinking again boy he take your soul but never give it back Punk b****."

McGregor did not stop there and in turn responded by posting the screenshot of a Google search regarding 'inbreeding in Dagestan,' the place where Khabib hails from.

Abdelaziz said: "Here we go again insulting people nation and religion this is not funny my dream to see you in person.” 

To this, the Irishman gave a response, which to many is deemed to have crossed the line, saying: "I hate you bro. When you die I celebrate."


McGregor went on to delete his tweets, something which he has often done in the past.

The Irishman has often gone personal on Khabib to the extent that he once mocked his father's death.

McGregor is one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, but comments like these just go on to justify his lack of class, regardless of how many times he deletes them.



He should know by now, once it's live on the internet, it stays known.

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