Jorge Masvidal calls Leon Edwards a 'coward' and blames Brit for backstage altercation at UFC London

Jorge Masvidal has blamed Leon Edwards for their backstage altercation following UFC London in March 2019

Jorge Masvidal called Leon Edwards a 'coward' and said the Birmingham fighter was to blame for their backstage altercation at UFC London in March 2019. 

Edwards was involved in a backstage brawl with the American which, according to his fellow UFC welterweight, was all his fault. 

And now, Masvidal has claimed Edwards 'originally wanted to call the cops on me' and doubts he would have ever survived if the pair had grown up together in the same area. 

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He told MMA Fighting: “Where I come from and how I grew up, that guy wouldn’t have lived one day in there.

“In the actual heat of the moment, he never would’ve survived. He would’ve just stayed home the whole time, waiting for his parents to get WiFi or something for him to develop social skills, because this guy’s a coward.

"What he did to me in England showed me everything I ever needed to know about this guy. When you’re talking all this c--- and then somebody gets in your face, and you’re hesitant about it? Like, you know exactly what’s going to happen if you come from these places.

"You see I’m walking toward you and you’re walking toward me, and you’re going to say I assaulted you? That’s coward s---. He was saying assault and he originally wanted to call the cops on me, but what would’ve happened? That wouldn’t have looked good for his brand and ‘I’m such a tough guy,’ the thing that he’s trying to proclaim. So that’s when he didn’t want to call the cops."

Jorge Masvidal has called Leon Edwards a 'coward'

Ultimately, 'Gamebred' believes he and Edwards are cut from a different cloth - with the 30-year-old accused of 'trying to steal' his 'time to shine' and 'score a first date or something with some chick'. 

He added: “But originally they wanted to press charges on me, when you started this f------ altercation.

"I’m here doing my own interview, doing my thing, I just got 'Fight of the Night', I just got 'Knockout of the Night', and I don’t give a f--- about you, Edwards — why are you ruining my interview? This is my time to shine — you’re trying to steal that, you’re trying to talk s---.

"Nobody gives a f--- about you in your own hometown. You just had a fight that night, nobody was even talking about his fight because it was so boring. And he’s just a clout chaser. That’s always what he’s been.

“I got into this sport because I actually love the sport, I love to fight, I love to compete. This guy got into the sport because, I don’t know, maybe he thought he could score a first date or something with some chick. It’s all going to show on December 11th.”

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Masvidal last fought in April of this year, as he suffered his first career knockout loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 261 in Jacksonville

The American brawler has never been particularly known for his grappling and has won only two fights by submission. 

“I’m going to try to do everything in my being to end this person,” Masvidal continued.

“Leon’s going to do everything in himself to do what he’s always done — put his track shoes on and turn it into a track meet and run, and run for dear life.

"So I don’t care how much of a grudge match it is or what he says, because the guy’s a coward. He’s going to throw punches and run and get on his bike and run and run.

"I’ll cut the ring off eventually and I’ll land the blows that I need to land on him, slow him down, and I’m going to take him out.

"But don’t expect a lot out of him as far as the actual fight. He’s going to hit-and-run, I’m telling you.”

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