FIFA 22: Surprising EA Games Stock figures reveal a screamer in FIFA licensing conflict

Surprising EA Games Stock figures reveal a screamer in FIFA licensing conflict

There have been a lot of questions about the future of the FIFA franchise following news that EA Sports will have to change name, but it looks like they will still survive and maintain their popularity and the EA stocks reveal a lot.

The existing 10-year rights deal between EA Sports and FIFA is due to expire next year with FIFA looking to nearly double the $150 agreement. EA are essentially not prepared to pay this new license cost but have indicated the door is still open.

EA Sports have made the biggest football gaming franchise around and millions play the game which they bring out every year, so obviously news of a name change will come as a huge shock to the gaming community.

With this possible split between EA and FIFA, many will be wondering who stands to lose out between the two.

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Will EA or FIFA be worse off following this split?

Following this news, the early signs do suggest that developers EA Sports are confident they have the game, and will continue to keep the game. They also seem to believe that no matter what the name is, the game will continue to maintain its popularity.

We have seen Pro Evolution Soccer change the name of their game to eFootball, and this is not the best game to compare. The game was not that successful for quite a while and this name change hasn’t helped.

It looks like EA Sports won't be able to use the name FIFA next year

With the game so successful, a name change probably won’t make much of a difference, especially when there is not a lot of strong competition in the football gaming industry.

When looking at the stocks for Electronic Arts, you can see that there was a slight dip around the 17th-19th October 2021. This is when the news of a name change to the game was announced. Despite the stock price of EA falling sharply it has since recovered really strongly and this definitely suggests that many are confident of EA and whatever they name the game in the future.

The stocks at EA had a scare but are now on the rise The EA stocks over the last month

What this tells us is the fact that there should definitely be a little bit of worry from developers EA Sports around their future; however, FIFA looks likely to be worse off due to this split.

The stock slowly rising shows this, so for now, EA just need to make sure they find a suitable name in order to maintain their popular game.

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