Massive MMA KO: Five-time World’s Strongest Man puts 23-stone heavyweight to sleep

  • Zak Leech

The world of MMA was recently given a real clash of the titans as former World’s Strongest Man champion Mariusz Pudzianowski went toe-to-toe with Senegalese wrestler Serigne Ousmane Dia.

Their combined weight topped a staggering 260kg, which translates to 41 stone.

Unfortunately for fans, the fight didn’t go on for very long, as within a mere 18 seconds, Pudzianowski, who before his MMA career began in 2009 had previously claimed World’s Strongest Man in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008, had his opponent out cold on the canvas and was immediately declared the winner.

A monster in the super heavyweight class, Dia, otherwise known as ‘Bombardier,’ is considered the best Senegalese wrestler of all time. Yet, the behemoth who remained undefeated for his first two fights in MMA was convincingly beaten in what was only his third fight in professional MMA.

Pudzianowski admitted that his opponent was a ‘great boy,’ but through his experience as a Strongman and over 12 years of adapting into MMA, he stated: "I have some strength, I hit really hard."

The fight began, and ended, with the Bombardier swinging his arms low towards his opponent. This immediate aggression allowed Pudzianowski to keep his guard up and expose Dia, who was met with an immediate right hook to the face.

This was the first and only contact the Polish man made in order to be victorious and the KO left Dia almost lifeless, lying against the cage.

This absolute dominance has solidified Pudzianowski’s reputation as one of the best knockout finishers the KSW has ever seen.

These 18 seconds brought a quick end to what was a long anticipated fight after it was originally booked for March, but was cancelled due to Dia being hospitalised.

This victory has added to Pudzianowski’s record at 17-7, with 11 of his victories being through KO, and has tainted Dia’s MMA record, which now sits at 2-1.



Despite being almost four stone lighter than his opponent, Pudzianowski’s victory serves as a testament for the craftsmanship that he has spent his career adapting and has allowed him to become not only the World’s Strongest Man, but a skilled fighter.

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