Jake and Logan Paul accused by another UFC legend of 'orchestrating' their fights


The famous Youtubers-turned-boxers Logan and Jake Paul have recently come under the limelight and been accused of 'orchestrating' their fights by legend Alistair Overeem.

Over the past few years, both brothers have established themselves as huge pay-per-view fighters, with Logan fighting Floyd Mayweather and Jake fighting Tyron Woodley.

Despite their opponents being professional fighters, UFC legend Alistair Overeem believes they would never take the risk of losing.

This comes after Dillon Danis accused Jake of inserting a 'no knockout' clause into Woodley's contract for their fight

Talking to the podcast 'Won't Back Down' Overeem said:

"He's doing good, he's going to do good business but of course, he is picking and choosing his guys right? Small, wrestler guys that don't really [have boxing backgrounds]."

When Questioned about Logan's fight with Mayweather, the 'Demolition Man' replied: "He's small, he's like a 155 or something."

"So that's all orchestrated and it's good for them, right?


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"Good for them but they would never if it becomes threatening or dangerous, they'd never do it. They would never come into MMA.

They are doing something that they feel is 'hey, this kind of feels like, the cards are stacked on my side' but they would never take a risk to get hurt like we're doing.

"A real fight against a real killer and time and time again they are doing the safe, easy, playing a part. It's not real fights.

"If you're fighting a guy who's 50 pounds less and Mayweather is known for winning decisions, right? That's different than fighting Francis Ngannou."


Jake is currently preparing for his bout with Tommy Fury, with whom Jake had been going back and forth on social media. On the other hand, Logan is rumoured to fight Mike Tyson in 2022.

'Iron Mike' has recently shown his interest in returning to the ring while being surrounded by speculations of him fighting one of the Paul brothers.

The former champion told The Sun: "I am going to have a return flight in February and we are pretty sceptical about the opponent, but it will be a stimulating opponent."

The potential fight with the former undisputed world heavyweight champion is not yet ruled out by Paul, as he believes that if it happens he has a good chance of winning against him.

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