Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc tips a female driver to join F1 in the 'next few years'

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has revealed he would be 'very happy' to see women racing in Formula One

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has revealed he would be "very happy" to see women racing in Formula One.

Leclerc made the comments on female drivers in F1 while speaking to Mission Winnow, a change lab focused on reframing global conversations and sparking open debate.

Mission Winnow is also partnered with Scuderia Ferrari, the team Leclerc races for in F1.

"I would be happy to see a girl in Formula One," Leclerc said. "Not just because she is a girl but because she is talented enough.

"I think there are some very talented women that can be in Formula One in the next few years."

It’s been more than 40 years since a woman started on the F1 grid. In 1958, Maria Teresa de Filippis became the first woman to compete in a F1 race, while Lella Lombardi competed for a number of teams in the 1970s.

Susie Wolff was present at the 2015 British Grand Prix, but only participated in a practice session.

Back-to-back W Series champion Jamie Chadwick is the driver tipped to break boundaries in F1. The Briton is a development driver for Williams and has 15 Super Licence points.

A total of 40 super licence points is required to compete in the top bracket of single-seater racing, and 25 needed to take part in an F1 practice session.

After she was crowned W Series for the second year running, Chadwick hinted she could be looking to enter the world of F1.

Jamie Chadwick was crowned the W Series winner last week

"The opportunity the W Series gives us all, but especially me now as a double champion, is huge," she said. "I'm going to relish that, take as much as I can, and hopefully step forward into bigger things.

"What's going to come with this season's win is going to be amazing. I'm so excited for what's next – I don't know what's next but it's been a really important leg up in my career to have that double championship."

Leclerc, currently ranked 6th in this year’s standings, is not the only F1 driver to offer his support to women in motorsport.

After her final race at the Circuit of the Americas last week, Williams teammate and F1 star George Russell came out to support Chadwick on another historic title.

Lewis Hamilton was also snapped watching a W Series practice race ahead of the US Grand Prix.

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