Formula 1: Lando Norris jokes that Lewis Hamilton should race 'on 3 wheels' after Brazil sprint


McLaren star Lando Norris has jokingly claimed that Lewis Hamilton needs to have one of his wheels removed from his car.

This comes after the sprint race in Brazil where Hamilton found himself starting from the back due to a technical breach in regards to his cars rear wing, but finishing fifth overall.

Hamilton had displayed in the sprint race the speed and power that the Mercedes car carries, although he still faces a five place grid penalty the skill he showed was very much impressive.

Through doing so he had taken over Norris on the final lap which had taken him fifth, but Norris will take that place back due to the penalty Hamilton had incurred.

It had taken Hamilton 24 laps to bring him to 5th place, with 71 laps to be completed in the main event itself, it’ll definitely be interesting to see where Hamilton will find himself overall.

“He’s not even had to work. It wasn’t that good of an overtake. I just didn’t need to take any stupid risks trying to defend – he’s in a different league compared to us.”


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Returning back to Lando Norris, he expressed his reaction towards the sprint race thinking ‘it was a good race’ for himself.

A main goal for McLaren is for them to finish third in the constructors championship, both Red Bull and Mercedes have cemented and reserved their first and second places for many previous years.

Off the back of a tough season for Ferrari in the previous year, they have re-emerged as contenders for the third position.


Norris had beaten one half of the Ferrari team through overtaking Charles Leclerc but his former teammate Carlos Sainz was ‘far too ahead’ of which he had mentioned.

When it comes to the race overall it for sure has been shaping up to be an emphatic one, for someone to be able to predict the result it would be a staggering accomplishment but it’s guaranteed that there will be passion displayed across and throughout the circuit from the drivers to the pit crew.

The race could see either of Norris or Sainz on the podium due to previous good form allowing them to start from an encouraging position. What do you see happening in Brazil and are you a fan of Hamilton or Verstappen?

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