Khabib Nurmagomedov breaks down what made Georges St-Pierre so great


Former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has explained in an interview what made Georges St-Pierre such a special fighter and perhaps even the greatest of all time.

Many fans have hoped for the day that The Eagle and GSP face each other in the Octagon, with speculations it could be the fight that pulls both competitors from their retirement.

However, as of today, even the thought of that superfight hasn't been enough for either of them to lace up a pair of gloves.

When Khabib retired, he had a perfect 29-0 record, whilst Georges St-Pierre had a 26-2 record. St-Pierre made up for both his losses, however, when he fought back and went on to become a two-division champion.

The Octagon has seen many fighters through the years, but The Eagle and GSP are undoubtedly the best in their divisions and possibly the best fighters to have taken to the mat.

Speaking with Daniel Cormier, Khabib praised Georges St-Pierre as one of the first well-rounded fighters that the sport had seen.

“I think he was the first fighter who became a well-rounded fighter.

"He can strike, he can wrestle, he can take you down, he can hold you there, he can give crazy ground and pound, he can do a lot of submission.

My opinion on that time, he was like first in UFC. You know he represents real mixed martial arts.

Khabib also revealed that GSP was his father’s favourite fighter. It is well known that the Russian's father played a vital part in his fighting career with all his work being attributed to making him and the rest of his family proud.



It is a widely held belief that Khabib retired after achieving everything he wanted to in his career and losing his father to COVID-19 complications.

Both fighters have earned their fans’ support, admiration and respect over the years as they made a name for themselves in the Octagon.

With Khabib detailing that he learnt some key lessons from GSP, it’s no wonder that they were able to take the fighting world by storm.

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