Lewis Hamilton v Max Verstappen: Alain Prost dissects title fight and issues verdict

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Formula 1 legend Alain Prost has given some in-depth insight into this year's title fight and who he might like to see win it in December, though he says both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton would be deserving, great champions.

Our title protagonists this season have been exchanging blows since the very first race in Bahrain and with just two Grands Prix to go it's still very much up for grabs in both the Drivers' and Constructors' championships.

Lewis Hamilton has managed to hit back in recent weeks to close the gap to eight points to Max Verstappen and to apply extra pressure, and it's going to be fascinating watching the pair deal with the ante being upped even further in the weeks ahead.

For Prost, both drivers have been mightily impressive:

“First of all, the driver is always a combination of the car and the team behind," the Frenchman began, speaking to the In The Fastlane podcast.

“Lewis has much more experience and much more experience in knowing how to win a championship, or lose the championship because he has lost before.

“On the other side, Max was really young and very fast and generous and doing a few mistakes in the last few years. Now he is doing much, much less and is much, much stronger than before. He is at a similar level as Lewis.


“You want to win the first championship because you do not know if you’re going to have a second chance.

“And for Lewis, he is going for the record, it is the motivation that Lewis in fact needed and it is the best for the sport. It is the for Formula 1.

“It is very difficult to judge the two, what they are doing is exceptional and I hope it goes to the last race in Abu Dhabi to decide the final result.”

Prost then went on to say it would be great to see Verstappen lift his maiden crown but still offered further praise for Hamilton's consistent success:

“I think it will be really great if Max could get the title, because he’s a young guy, and he really deserves it for what he has done since the beginning.

“But also on the other side, what Lewis is doing at the moment, already having seven championships, is also exceptional. Let’s see what happens.”



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