Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Tyson Fury's explicit opinion of Problem Child


Tyson Fury has never been one to mince his words.

He may have got into trouble from time-to-time due to things he has said but one can’t deny that the Gypsy King is undeniably transparent.

He tends to be the star of his family, but attentions right now turn to brother Tommy ahead of his clash with Jake Paul.

The former became even more popular through ITV reality show Love Island whilst Paul rose to fame through apps such as Vine and YouTube.

Because of this, a lot of so-called traditional boxing fans are hardly thrilled by this upcoming bout, but it promises to be an enticing spectacle nevertheless.

The press conferences are currently ongoing and both camps aren’t scared to say what they really think. Whether it be John Fury, father of Tyson and Tommy, saying that idiotic and over-the-line remark about Jake’s girlfriend or Tyson’s quip.

"That was two months ago, now I think you’re a w****r" was what the world heavyweight champion had to say regarding his previous admiration for the American.

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Jake Paul is frowned upon by many and understandably so, but to have someone like Tyson Fury engaging with him like this speaks for itself.

Fury is seen as one of the greatest heavyweights this sport has ever seen and so, whilst Jake has had an unusual entrance into the boxing spotlight, he clearly is relevant whether you like it or not.

Paul is oh so wealthy and his character is quite comedic really. He is seen in the video relaxing in a pool with a pineapple-laden sun hat on.

Fury has often been viewed as this sort of joker in the world of boxing, so there are some interesting parallels that can be drawn from the two.



Tommy is the Fury who shall be in action and not his big brother, though, and their father certainly hasn’t held back when piling the pressure on his young shoulders.

John stated that Tommy would be forced to retire from the sport if he was unable to knock out his opponent, a very bold claim given that they aren’t the first to underestimate either of the infamous Paul brothers.

The original question was regarding whether Tyson had respect or even admired Jake for his talking and salesmanship. This was met by a back-and-forth between the two, leading to Tyson scratching out his previous praise and labelling him ‘a w****r’.

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