Floyd Mayweather explains why he and Muhammed Ali were hated


While Floyd Mayweather has had his passionate fan base, he also had plenty of haters, which is not uncommon for any great who makes their mark in a given sport.

Well before Mayweather’s era of dominance, Muhammad Ali was also quite hated in the United States of America, but the reasoning behind this hatred was far more political.

Ali is arguably one of the influential people in the world of sport, but during the Vietnam War, the revered boxer refused to enlist and fight. As a result, his government and many others turned on him.

Despite standing up for what he believed in, Ali was stripped of his boxing license and subsequently, his prime years as a boxer.

Selfish politicians were clouded by false judgement and ultimately robbed Ali of a more fruitful career.

After winning an Olympic gold medal at the 1975 Games in Rome, Ali was then refused service at a restaurant back in the US and then went on to throw his Olympic memento in the Ohio River.


There were times that Ali could have easily been killed just for being a person of colour who stood his ground when it came to social issues.

Fortunately, we now live in a more open minded society, yet Mayweather still believes the hate will remain no matter what.

After Mayweather’s protege Gervonta Davis defeated Isaac Cruz in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 5, the Money Man said, as per Boxing News And Views: “When Muhammad Ali was in the fight game at the top of his game kicking their *** they hated him. He had to nearly be able to not walk or talk, that’s when they loved him.



"See, they don’t like me because I am a straight shooter and was able to (independently) become my own boss.”

When speaking on his fighter, Mayweather also added: “I’m going to continue to tell Tank (Gervonta Davis) to go out there and be the best that you can be. Fight and be smart.”

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